The birth of new cross-platform technology

May 22, 2005

Mainsoft launched Developer Zone site, feauturing Visual MainWin for J2EE — a Visual Studio .NET plug-in, which enables you use C# or VB.NET to develop, debug and deploy Web applications and Web services that run on Microsoft Windows, Linux and any Java-enabled platform. Grasshopper supports single-source code development, so you can develop an ASP.NET application that will compile and run on multiple platforms.

In addition, this new technology provides you with ability to consume pure Java software components, such as EJB’s, JDBC drivers etc., so you can call you Java components directly from C# code of your application.
This is definitely a new generation of cross-platform interoperability technology.

Grasshopper, the Developer edition of Visual MainVin for J2EE, is available for download from the Mainsoft Developer Zone site. Grasshopper bundles the Apache Tomcat application server and PostgreSQL database, so you get a complete cross-platform Visual Studio development environment for any platform running Apache Tomcat.

Grasshopper presents the following key feature points :

  • Visual Studio integration: it completely suits into VisualStudio environment, so you continue enjoying the full range of the Visual Studio .NET capabilities. Even more, it extends them into Java components, so advanced features like IntelliSense, code navigation and error detection are available when accessing Java components. Additional feature is a cross-platform debugger, which provides you and ability to debug both of your C# and Java code within the same application. In addition, Grasshopper help system integrates into MSDN collection of books and provides support for search, index, content, and dynamic help. Futhermore, Grasshopper provides a new MSDN book that describes the Java runtime classes and interfaces.
  • Access to external Java components: you can access external Java components with no depend of the Java environment they were initially developed. You can add JARs as a references to your C# or VB.NET project, accessing them as any other software components available in your application.
  • Open source .NET framework: Grasshopper provides the .NET Framework class library , implementing ASP.NET, ADO.NET, XML, Web services and .NET server-side runtime services. This .NET Framework sources are shared with Mono, the open source .NET implementation for Linux. The sources are packaged as Visual Studio projects, so you can download the source code, modify it, compile, debug and test the code, all from Visual Studio.

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