System.DirectoryServices beta launched

July 9, 2005

We’ve launched DirectoryServices beta version, available now for all Mono and Grasshopper developers.

DirectoryServices beta gives you all the ability to interact with LDAP-compliant directory service by browsing, creating and modifying directory entries. The new mechanism for defining default LDAP server is introduced, completed by ability of querying RootDSE server entry.
Beta version still lacks authentication and encryption features as well as some advanced search filtering limitations. In addition, schema information retrieval is not supported yet.

The source code for beta as well as a project and solution files for Visual Studio are available from Mono anonymous SVN repository, namely at
svn:// revision 46945 and
svn:// revision 46945.

If you’re too lazy to work with code, and want just to play with beta, you can always download System.DirectoryServices binaries (for Grasshopper only).

3 Responses to “System.DirectoryServices beta launched”

  1. Brian Hehir Says:

    Hi, nice blog, lots of useful mono information and resources.. I know this is an old post but I have a qq related to System.DirectoryServices.. currently I’m working on an open-source project to manage SLED through AD group policies… and as part of this I’m trying to bind to my Active Directory DC in a mono based app running on my SLED 10.1 SP1 RC2 test machine. I can’t seem to find how to use my kerberos credentials and do a secure sasl bind rather than a simple bind.. ldapsearch works fine with kerberos so I know the machine and account is all setup correctly. Is there some configuration, setting, parameter or switch I’m missing in my code or mono install? any help would be greatly appreciated…

  2. Hi Brian

    Mainsoft announced System.DirectoryServices support for Kerberos auhtentication in Grasshopper (which is a .Net to Java porting solution using Mono runtime as a part of it).
    Also it will not work for you in Mono, it worth to take a look at the Kerberos authentication implementation we made in LdapConnection.cs (look at BindSecure method) and in Novell.Directory.Ldap.Security.jvm (supporting classes). The documentation for the module is here and here.

    Though it looks like Mono do not supports Kerberos authentication (you can recheck this on Mono-devel-list), there is an evidence of some work done by Novell in this area: from working on the GSS_API V2: C# Bindings draft to creating a C# implementation of GSS-API.

    If you’re lucky to find Novell’s or any other GSS-API C# implementation, the Novell.Directory.Ldap classes can be easily changed to provide Kerberos authentication using our Grasshopper implementation as a reference.

  3. Brian Hehir Says:

    Boris, thanks for the response and the info, it certainly does look achievable. I’ll crack on, once I get it complete I’ll post it back to the community. Thanks again

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