Mainsoft out, Imperva in.

February 21, 2007

I’m changing my employee, leaving Mainsoft and moving to Imperva.

I’ve already get a farewell present better I could ever imagine: support for Visual Basic in Mono was announced. Thanks to Rolf, Miguel, Lluis and others who made this happen.

Working with Mono team was one of the best professional experience occasions I ever had. It may be difficult, but now I will have to get used to my new role as Mono user-only.

Still tuned with Monologue and DevZone.

4 Responses to “Mainsoft out, Imperva in.”

  1. Hello Boris,

    Good luck in the new company. Your patches and contributions will be missed in the Mono universe.

    It has been almost three years since your first commit to the repository, thanks so much for all your great work!


  2. Hi Boris:

    Best of luck with the new position! It was great working with you during my time at Mainsoft!


  3. Thanks, Laurence.

    Nice to hear from you, and good to know there is a descendant of Philotic blog :)

    Is there a way to comment on your blog without being registered? Is OpenId considered to become something acceptable at MSDN blogs?

  4. Basil Kolbaskin Says:

    good luck ;-)

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