Good old IE bug?

November 12, 2007

May someone explain me why the following HTML code is causing IE6 SP2 crash?

<html xmlns="">
            <table style="table-layout:fixed">
                <col width="20"/>

Bonus: CodeColorizer

4 Responses to “Good old IE bug?”

  1. Boke Says:

    Just tried with IE6 sp2, it doesn’t crash.

    Maybe something wrong with your setup…

  2. Doesn’t crash IE6SP2 here either; neither when loaded over HTTP nor from the local filesystem.

  3. RichB Says:

    Doesn’t crash for me (Win2K3)

  4. Thank you all!
    We checked it here on number of workstations and all of them have the same behavior. Since I’m in corporate environment upgrading of all the setups may take a while.

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