301 Moved Permanently

March 29, 2008

This blog has permanently moved to http://boris.kirzner.info/blog/

The rule of thumb

January 3, 2008

If you may configure something using Spring — never ever try to configure the same thing with Hibernate.

Sorry, Gavin.

Bad day for blogging?

May 16, 2007

Both Monologue and ASP.Net Weblogs seem to be down for some time.

Mainsoft out, Imperva in.

February 21, 2007

I’m changing my employee, leaving Mainsoft and moving to Imperva.

I’ve already get a farewell present better I could ever imagine: support for Visual Basic in Mono was announced. Thanks to Rolf, Miguel, Lluis and others who made this happen.

Working with Mono team was one of the best professional experience occasions I ever had. It may be difficult, but now I will have to get used to my new role as Mono user-only.

Still tuned with Monologue and DevZone.

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